FY 2020 ISOO Reporting Requirements Update

In FY 2018, ISOO embarked on a multiyear effort to reform how it collects data from Federal agencies. The intent was to develop a more effective and efficient way to measure and assess the health of agency CNSI programs. ISOO worked extensively with stakeholders and subject matter experts, including those from federal agencies and civil society groups, to gather recommendations on this reform effort. ISOO’s intent was to use the resulting new data collection questionnaire in FY 2020.

As our nation continues to deal with the COVID-19 public health emergency, many agency operations have been significantly affected, including agency management of their classified national security information (CNSI) programs. As a result, this year’s reporting requirements will be adjusted to account for the current environment in which we operate.

In accordance with E.O. 13526, “Classified National Security Information” and 32 CFR Part 2001.90, ISOO will delay deployment of the new comprehensive data collection questionnaire until FY 2021. For FY 2020, ISOO is also waiving the submission of both the Standard Form (SF) 311(Agency Security Classification Management Program Data), and SF 716 (Agency Security Classification Costs Estimates).

For FY 2020 reporting, in place of these forms, agencies must complete and submit to ISOO a small number of reporting elements that have been detailed in a memorandum to Senior Agency Officials. ISOO will continue to finalize the new data collection questionnaire for use in FY 2021 and intends to release this new format to agencies in the first quarter of FY 2021, which will allow agency staff maximum time to adjust to the different format prior to their reporting.

The memorandum from the Director of ISOO that includes the above direction to agencies may be found at: https://www.archives.gov/files/isoo/reports/fy-2020-isoo-data-collection-memo-and-enclosure-1-.pdf.

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