Sending Classified Information through the U.S. Postal Service (USPS)

At this time, due to the USPS waiving the signature requirement for Express Mail, registered mail is the only authorized way to send collateral secret and below information through the U.S. postal service. Do not send any classified material without first ensuring the package will be delivered with the required signature.

If using a commercial carrier:

  • The release signature block on the receipt label is not executed under any circumstances.
  • Any such delivery service is U.S. owned and operated
  • Provides automated in-transit tracking of the classified information
  • Ensures package integrity during transit
  • The sender is responsible for ensuring that an authorized person will be available to receive the delivery and verification of the correct mailing address
  • The package may be addressed to the recipient by name
  • The use of external (street side) collection boxes is prohibited

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