Final update to the blog post titled United Parcel Service (UPS) of 10/6/2021 released at 11:57 AM EDT

The blog post cited above, along with this update, pertains only to classified information or items.  Other deliveries are not covered.

GSA’s Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) no longer includes UPS (contract number GS-23F-0282L). This impacts any orders or blanket purchasing agreements an agency had placed or intended to place with UPS under that particular contract. 

But agencies are still authorized to use UPS under another valid Government contract:  DoD/USTRANSCOM’s Next Generation Delivery Services (NGDS) program.  NGDS is a GSA-delegated, OMB mandatory-use program for small parcel delivery services.  It has current contracts with UPS and FedEx that satisfy the requirements of 32 CFR 2001.46(c)(2)(ii) for overnight delivery of Confidential and Secret classified information.  For Federal users to get more information on the NGDS program, its rates, and shipper’s guide, see

Cleared NISP contractors should contact their Government Contracting Activity (GCA) for approval to utilize the NGDS contract for overnight delivery of Confidential and Secret classified information in accordance with 32 CFR 117.15(f)(3), as there are NGDS requirements that the GCA must ensure are met.  

If an agency is not able to utilize delivery services under the NGDS program, the agency may use another approved vendor for overnight delivery of Confidential and Secret classified information.  USPS and FedEx have current contracts for delivery services under GSA’s MAS 492110 schedule.  Although these vendors meet the requirement in 32 CFR 2001.46(c)(2)(ii) to use a GSA-approved vendor, they have not been vetted under this schedule to determine if they meet the additional requirements for classified delivery services outlined in 32 CFR 2001.46(c)(2)(ii).  Before placing an order against the MAS, the agency must therefore vet the vendor to ensure it meets these additional regulatory requirements.  Cleared NISP contractors will also need to make sure the supplier meets requirements in 32 CFR 117.15(f)(3).  For more information on MASs, see

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