ISOO Notice About Rescinding Black Label Safe Approval

As discussed at the latest National Industrial Security Program Policy Advisory Committee (NISPPAC), the General Services Administration (GSA) has determined that agencies must phase out use of all GSA-approved security containers and vault doors manufactured from 1954 through 1989, aka black labels, to store classified information and materials. GSA has issued a phase-out plan which rescinds approval over a period of four years beginning on October 1, 2024.  It starts with the oldest cabinets and proceeds to the last of the black labels, as outlined at

Agencies must take actions to replace the relevant cabinets and vault doors as needed. If you need to purchase approved replacement containers, go to for more information.

Agencies can easily identify the GSA-approved cabinets and vault doors produced prior to 1989 by the silver and black GSA approval label on the outside of the cabinet or vault door and by the certification labels and manufacturing dates located on the control drawer body or on the inside of the vault door. 

The containers should be destroyed in accordance with the appropriate destruction guidance for each entity.

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