ISOO Sends POCs New Data Element and Question List for FY 2021 Data Collection

In FY 2018 ISOO ISOO embarked on a multiyear effort to reform its data collection. Our aim was to develop a more effective and efficient way to measure and assess the health of agency CNSI programs. We worked extensively with stakeholders and subject matter experts, including those from federal agencies and civil society groups, to gather recommendations on this reform effort. 

This work ultimately resulted in a new group of data collection questions, which streamline reporting requirements by consolidating all ISOO CNSI collections into one data call that focuses only on data that is valuable for oversight, mandated to collect, or helpful to agencies for improving their programs. Given current operational considerations, the Director of ISOO delayed deployment of the new comprehensive data collection questionnaire until FY 2021. 

While the official data call for that FY 2021 collection effort and the method to be used for receiving agency responses will be issued later this year, based on feedback received during this process we wanted to allow agencies to have the list of data elements and questions as early in the year as possible to allow them to determine the best practices and personnel to collect this data. 

As such, the new data element and question list for ISOO’s FY 2021 CNSI data collection was recently sent to ISOO’s agency POCs to allow them to conduct any advanced internal agency staffing necessary in preparation for reporting to ISOO at the conclusion of FY 2021. ISOO encourages these POCs to reach out for any, and all necessary assistance within their agencies prior to the issuance of ISOO’s FY 2021 tasker sometime later this year.

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