To all Department of Defense Facility Lodging Managers and Security Offices Utilizing ILCO Magstripe and ILCO RFID systems:

The systems listed below require a software update before November 24, 2021, to prevent time/date errors after that date:

System 700/700-II
ILCO 76x/77x
ILCO 79x
Confidant (ILCO)

The manufacturer, Dormakaba, informed the Department of Defense that the ILCO locks used will have a “time management” problem at 8pm EST on November 24, 2021 if a software update is not conducted on the system before that date.  Additional information on the time management problem and the manufacturer’s solutions can be found at and

Please review the above website or call the Dormakaba Customer Service Center at 1-800-896-2017 to determine if the system at your facility requires this software update.

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