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Welcome to the launch of The ISOO Overview Blog! As the Covid-19 pandemic spreads, we realized the importance of remaining in contact and responsive to our stakeholders.  The blog is a new way to engage with you – the public, and all ISOO stakeholders across the Federal Government; our partners in state, local, and tribal governments, and in private-sector industry; and all who have interest in information security. Our blog will include posts from all three components of the ISOO staff: Classification Management, Controlled Unclassified Information, and Operations, and we hope that you will join the conversations in each post.

As we keep the lines of communication open, and continue the essential functions of our office, we look forward to assisting our stakeholders, and continuously expanding conversation in the public interest about how the Federal Government manages, protects, classifies, declassifies, shares and releases its vastly increasing information assets.

From now and beyond the current public health national emergency, The ISOO Overview Blog will post information at least once a week, including notifications of relevant events, ISOO policy, guidance, and activities; and ISOO reports and perspectives on ISOO’s lines of business and matters related to ISOO’s roles and authorities.

Thank you for your interest. For myself, and on behalf of the entire ISOO staff—welcome and we look forward to hearing from you.

Mark A. Bradley


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